Sunday, November 9, 2008

Box Race Car

This past week a box came into our home which Will thought would make a great race car. Because he asked so earnestly, and so persistently, I set out to make a race car for the kids. Will wanted one with actual axles and wheels that worked. I told him that unfortunately, the cardboard box did not have the strength to handle axles and wheels, without a lot of bracing in the form of wood. So fake wheels would have to do.

As any good MacGuyver fan would do, I pulled out my (new) roll of duct tape. Then I rummaged around in the recycle bins for parts. Those parts acquired, along with a couple pairs of scissors and Elmer's glue, I proceeded to create the race car pictured below.

From the front. The hood (all that white up front) is made from a cake box.

From the side. The white piece of cardboard across the middle is the seat belt.

They colored the wheels. Ben's is the rear one, it was the most colorful.

The steering wheel assembly. Made from a toilet paper roll, the lid of an instant oatmeal container, a brass paper fastener, a piece of thicker cardboard and lots of duct tape. The toilet paper roll is the column, with one end cut at an angle.

Our proud, if unknowing, sponsor.

Will Race car
Will, race car drive extraordinaire.

Ben Race car
Ben, with his racing helmet.

Ellie race car
Ellie, the cutest of all race car drivers, with her "helmet" on too.

Alas, within a day, the steering wheel suffered a catastrophic failure in the form of Ellie attempting to wrest it away from Ben. I was wise to take pictures prior to allowing the kids to embark on imaginary races. It only took about an hour to do and has been well worth it as a cheap form of entertainment.


Alicia said...

That is fantastic! It's funny-just today we had my son's derby car cut for a race this Fri. Now I have to figure out how to paint 6colors on it since Timothy wants a "rainbow" car! This is so much cooler! Way to go, Dad!

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

Very creative, Joel. Love the use of recycled parts - how very green of you. : )

Looks like the kids had a blast, for a little while anyway.

Linda said...

Good job! And it's not all bad that it got torn up before the kids got bored with it. That way it will be remembered with excitement.