Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Interesting, Hectic Day

I learned today that as of June 1st, I will no longer be an employee of my current employer. Instead, I will become, should I choose to accept the offer, the employee of the company, referred to from now on as "The Company", which contracts my current employer and thus myself.

My team was told this morning that our entire team is being taken over by "The Company" we provide services to, as part of the new contract that had just been negotiated between the two parties. Make sense? Since there is not much time to get us processed and on the payroll for "The Company", a good portion of today was spent in meetings, applying for the positions posted for my team, giving approval to have background checks, and setting up appointments for our fingerprinting - hope they don't discover the fact that we're a gang of criminals disguised as geeks :).

So it was an interesting and hectic day.

Friday, May 8, 2009