Thursday, January 27, 2011

You know there's been too much snow when...

  • It's no longer "shovel, throw, shovel, throw" but "shovel, walk, throw, walk back".
  • You wish you'd bought a snow blower when you moved in 8 years ago.
  • Your property begins to remind you of Superman's Fortress of Solitude.
  • You begin to question the sanity of people who live even further north who get even more snow every year (they must have bought a snow blower when they moved in).
  • Your dad starts to call every time there's a snow storm to remind you that he does not even own a snow shovel or an ice scraper where he lives. Thanks Dad.
  • You hope they'll start the Olympic sport of Snow Flinging because your sure you'd make the US Team.
  • You wish were living in a dwelling where you were not the landlord responsible for keeping the drive way and walks clear.
  • The only thing keeping you from hiring someone else to do it is pride - all the neighbors around you shovel their own driveways.
  • You try thinking of shoveling as water resistance training - part of your New Year's resolution to get into better shape.
  • You wished your house had a two car garage used for parking the vehicles in, and you owned a snow blower.
  • You've been shoveling long enough to think up all of these reasons it's been snowing too much.


Amy said...

I think we've had all these thoughts! Our neighbors all have snowblowers, but we still use the good old-fashioned shovel! :) And we are definitely reminding ourselves that this is keeping us (and our children, who are shoveling and playing in deep snow) in shape! Off for some hot chocolate--which tastes so much better after shoveling!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Joel! I was shocked when I saw a post from you in Google Reader!

The shoveling gets old pretty quick, I have no doubt about that. Good thing you have some little ones to train to do this job so when you are old and gray you won't have to. : )

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

This post still cracks me up!!